FISH Bridge

Bridge FISH


🔄 Bridge your FISH To and From:
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    Binance Smart Chain
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We offer services on both Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain, but there is only 1 FISH token.
Liquidity for FISH is provided on both chains therefore there is an arbitrage opportunity whenever the price of FISH is not identical between the two chains.
FISH token contract address is the same on Arbitrum and BSC: 0xb348B87b23D5977E2948E6f36ca07E1EC94d7328

Step-by-step Tutorial:

Step 1: Enter the $FISH amount;
Step 2: 'Approve' bridge transfer (Confirm in your wallet)
Step 3: Click on 'Confirm Bridge';
Step 4: Confirm the transaction in your wallet;
Step 5: Bridging usually takes around 10 minutes. Check status: https://scan.multichain.org/
Step 8: Bridging complete!