⚡ ZAP (1-Click LP)


Zapper function, or ZAP for short, represents a simple way of exchanging an individual token into Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens in just one click.

Step-by-step Tutorial:

Step 1: You need to have ETH, USDC or other tokens in your wallet;
Step 2: Open ZAP from top menu or click https://www.swapfish.fi/zap;
Step 3: Choose an LP (Farm) into which you want to make a deposit (ex. FISH-USDC);
Step 4: Approve spending of the token in your wallet;
Step 5: ZAP Liquidity (system will safely convert given token into LP of your choice)
Step 6: Go to Farms (https://www.swapfish.fi/farms), deposit your LP tokens and enjoy the rewards.

Video tutorial: